My latest book, Free Your Mind, has just come out and is available here from IPI Books! Its purpose is to help us all to love the Lord with all our minds by thinking the way he wants us to think – thus enabling us to draw on his power to give us freedom and victory over any ongoing difficulties, temptations and weaknesses we may have. 

In this book I address how godly thinking can help us overcome various challenges that we all face – things such as anxiety, discouragement, fear, anger, guilt and depression. I also discuss how we can be freed of our negative emotions by godly, faithful thoughts, and by means of prayer, gratitude and positive memory. Godly thinking is a vital part of our Father’s loving, wonderful plan, which, as we learn to carry it out, will graciously lead us to experience glorious freedom in Christ!

This book also includes a series of worksheets that will enable you to bring its teaching into your daily life in a practical, powerful way. As is revealed in the book, these worksheets will be freely accessible online, and can be easily downloaded and printed up, thus being put into helpful and effective personal use.

The book has a total of 40 brief chapters that can each be easily read one day at a time. It can also be taught over a period of several weeks in a larger classroom setting at church, or in a small group teaching and discussion time. We will gladly send you a teaching plan that can easily be organized and carried out over a reasonably short period of time. 

If you would like, I can help you with this book on a phone call, or by means of questions you can send me on emails. And if you would like, I might also be able to come to visit and teach this book for you and your church group. In that time of serving I will share how I myself have had to learn how to focus on freeing my own mind throughout my life as a disciple, and am still seeking to do so today!

Hopefully Free Your Mind will not only help you personally, but also your family members, friends, and fellow disciples. Above all, it is my hope and prayer that this book will help to free your mind, thereby filling youwith blessings, peace, hope, and joy in Christ!

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you,

Sam Laing

Head on over to IPI Books now to order the book with free shipping!

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