A new book. A needed message.

A new book. A needed message.

The Visionary. The Prophet. The Encourager. The Adviser. The Mentor. The Learner. The Soul Mate.

Various ones of these Seven People have been available to many, even most, of us in our lives, but they perhaps have gone unnoticed or unappreciated. As a consequence, we may not have grown and changed as much as we could have or experienced the joy and fulfillment we would have known had we received their godly influence. This book will help us to understand who these people are and welcome them into our lives!

This is God’s amazing love and incredible wisdom at work: he teaches us how to love one another as others help us, and as we help them. The result? We bring glory to God, we become closer to each other, and we one day make it to heaven!

God uses imperfect people to help us—to help us to know him, know his plan, stay strong in his plan, have wisdom as we seek to live out his plan, and stay encouraged and recover when we fall short of his plan. God’s perfect plan: one imperfect person helping another imperfect person!

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