Inca Warriors Report

Inca Warriors Report

I recently had the opportunity for an 8-day adventure hike to Machu-Picchu in the Peruvian Andes. One of the five guys we travelled with on the adventure bought each of us a copy of the book “Warrior” by Sam Laing and we decided to use it as the basis for a devotional each night. As we prepped for the beginning of our hike on the first day, our guide asked what our groups trail name would be and of course, it would be “The Warriors”!

We were each assigned chapters to review and share for discussion. This lead not only to some great devos at night, but followed with open hearted talks about being the man God wants us to be as we walked the ancient paths of the Incans. We shared with each other the topics and challenges, so well presented in the book, that we face daily in our lives. We encouraged one another to grow in our faith through all seasons of our lives and be an example to our family, our friends, our coworkers and our church families as well as the lost we meet every day. The book helped us facilitate a deeper level of connection through honesty and genuine love for one another as we prayed with and for one another.

The true blessing comes from the deeper relationship I have gained with each of my fellow “Warriors”. I have read many books in my walk with God, but this one struck a chord at the right time and right place. Such that, I have purchased a copy for each of my four sons and inscribed a note and a bible verse that seems most applicable to their personality and current walk with the Lord.

Thank you to Sam for a wonderful book and thank you to my fellow Warriors for the love and encouragement that you so freely gave from the heart.

Your fellow warrior,
Rich Countryman
the best is yet to come…

Elder, Church of Christ West OrangeInca Warriors group shot

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