Progress and Joy In the Faith: The Laings’ New Dream of Serving God and His People

Progress and Joy In the Faith: The Laings’ New Dream of Serving God and His People

For the first time in decades, Sam and Geri Laing are no longer on church staff. They are seeking to serve God and his people in a special way at this new season. They have not retired from serving our Lord, but instead, want to continue to be used by him to encourage, strengthen, and teach his people and his churches. Inspired by the example of Paul in the latter stages of his ministry, they are seeking to serve God’s people as he did:

Convinced of this, I know that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith, so that through my being with you again your joy in Christ Jesus will overflow on account of me.” – Philippians 1:25-26

In order to serve, they are now available to teach either individually or as a couple. They can do so by coming to visit your church or by appearing online – whatever would help you the most!

What topics can they address? How can they serve you? The subjects listed below are certainly available, but they are eager to meet any needs you may have, and will work with you to that end.

Here are some topics they can address, some of which are connected to books they have written:

Spiritual Growth for Disciples

  • Growing in prayer life, personal Bible study, and intimacy with God
  • Related books: Be Still My Soul; Guilty Soul’s Guide to Grace
  • Learning how to embrace the power of God and the freedom that comes with a Godly mindset. Overcoming anxiety, discouragement, frustration, fear, etc.
  • New book that addresses this: Free Your Mind – coming out in January 2019

Deepening Spiritual Relationships Among Disciples

  • Restoring the “one another” teaching of the Word of God in our churches
  • Teaching how to have relationships in our churches that are intimate, loving, encouraging, and that help us grow spiritually. Learning how to successfully overcome the challenges that can come along with them.
  • Related book: The Seven People Who Help You to Heaven

Reviving, Renewing and Restoring the Zeal and Fruitfulness of our Churches

  • Encouraging and teaching us to renew and revive the three Biblical foundations that helped to build our movement: The Lordship of Christ, Reaching Out to Make Disciples, and Building Loving “One Another” Relationships
  • Setting up a time of spiritual renewal in your church. There is a program Sam has developed that he can introduce and leave with you that includes several weeks of Quiet Times and a plan of congregational teaching and devotionals. The plan concludes with final inspiring event with all the members having come to a time of revival and renewal.


  • Building a loving, close marriage based on the Lordship of Christ and the power of God.
  • Related books: Friends and Lovers; Essential 8 Principles of a Growing Marriage
  • Romance in marriage: Learning how to attain – and maintain – a warm, fulfilling and exciting love life. Related book: Hot and Holy
  • Possible special workshop topic: Understanding You, Understanding Me.  This unique marital teaching helps spouses to understand and embrace the difference in their personalities, thus coming to appreciate and be closer to one another. 

Parenting and Family

  • Sam and Geri can help parents of children of various ages by teaching the timeless biblical principles. They can include videos done by their grown children who are all now parenting their kids. This helps younger parents learn from those who are currently teaching their kids, and how it can go forward as their kids get older and one day have their own children. Sam and Geri not only teach, but also provide opportunities for participating parents to ask questions and have discussion times so that they can learn even more deeply and specifically.
  • Related books: Raising Awesome Kids; The Wonder Years; The Tender Years
  • An additional book: Essential 8 Principles of a Strong Family. It can be introduced during the conference, and then used as a tool to have a follow up period in which the parents can meet together in small groups. These sessions, guided by the book, will enable them to thoroughly learn how to build a family and to also grow closer to other parents as they help each other along the way.

Inspiring Times for Men and for Women

  • Sam can come and do an inspiring weekend for your men, calling on them to rise up and become the spiritual warriors that God, though Christ, calls them to be.
  • Related books: Warrior and Mighty Man of God. Note: the Warrior book has a workbook that accompanies it, enabling the men to follow up the Warrior weekend by joining effective, inspiring small groups that will help them to grow closer to, and strengthen, one another.
  • Geri can come and do weekends of the same nature for women. Related book: A Life Worth Living

Leadership in the Church

  • Building a united team among elders and evangelists: How to work together, make decisions, work through difficulties, and above all, how to build a close, effective team. This can be done by means of a visit, or by the means of online teaching, training and discussions over a period of time.
  • Training of potential elders

For more information

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