Stay Away From Sam Laing… Unless You Want to be Inspired!

Stay Away From Sam Laing… Unless You Want to be Inspired!

I have known Sam Laing for several decades and God has used Sam’s life, wisdom and teaching to influence my life in ways I never imagined. It started when I joined his Mighty Men of God group in the 1990’s and now continues through Sam’s latest work, “Warrior”. I would highly advise men to stay away from Sam and his writing – unless you truly want to be inspired to do things for and with God that you never dreamed possible! Though the years, I have been inspired to:
• Raise over $100,000 for an immunization project in an inner city
• In my 40’s, to learn how to hike and camp – and then hike over 700 miles of the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail
• Obtain a master’s degree in leadership at age 45
• Start a thriving and successful urgent care system within a
major healthcare institution
• And finally, 5 years ago, to make a decision to “leave it all behind” and to move to Bolivia to serve as a medical missionary.

K Broyles pic with doctors
Sam’s spiritual wisdom, scriptural writing, wit, encouragement and his own well-rounded life have been sources of inspiration to me personally to never “settle” in my walk with God through this life on earth. There are challenges to be overcome, heights to summit, peaks to experience and adventures to be had.

You’ve been warned…stay away from Sam Laing – unless you want to be inspired to become a Mighty Warrior for our God!

Kevin Broyles, Bolivia, Spring 2016


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