Warriors, We Need Fellow Soldiers In Our Lives!

Warriors, We Need Fellow Soldiers In Our Lives!

…Epaphroditus, my brother, fellow worker and fellow soldier, who is also your messenger, whom you sent to take care of my needs. (Philippians 2:25)

Warriors, how does God help us be victorious as we “fight the good fight” for him?

Obviously, we need him most of all – his power, grace and guidance. He gives us all of this through his son Jesus whom he sent to live and die for us, conquering Satan, our evil foe. And then he raised him from the dead, and sent him to live within us to empower us to overcome our Enemy and the battles he brings our way.

What an amazing gift! But are there additional resources our Father provides? Yes!

God tells us that we need each other! It is his plan that we are not to be loners, but that we are to unite with other Warriors, fighting the good fight together

The Warrior book addresses this in Chapter # 5, “Friendship and the Warrior.” Read it and it will help you see God’s plan, and how to bring other Warriors into your life, and your life into theirs. 

And there is another source of help on this topic – a book I recently wrote, “The Seven People Who Help You to Heaven.” In it we can learn about the various kinds of people we need in our lives, and that we should seek to become in order to help others as well.  Let’s take a brief look at the “Seven People” we need, and how we can be used by God in some of these ways to help others.

The Visionary

In his time on this earth Jesus was a wonderful visionary. He saw people not just for who they were, but for whom they could become if they followed him. And he still has vision for us today – for each of us, and for our Warrior friends. But how can his vision for us be communicated now? Through fellow warriors whom he enables to have vision for us!

The Prophet

Jesus tells us that it is the truth that sets us free (John 8:31, 32). Yes, we need to read and study the truth of the Bible on our own, but we also need to hear it proclaimed to us – not just publicly, but privately. Loving, wise, and courageous truth-tellers are the “prophets” we all need in our personal lives, and that we need to be to others as well. 

The Encourager

Life and the battles we have to fight can be discouraging at times. We can get down. We can feel overwhelmed. We can be overcome by fear and anxiety. When we suffer a defeat, we can begin to doubt that we can ever recover and go back into battle for our Lord. Yes, God himself is our ultimate source of encouragement, but he also uses people in our lives to encourage us – people with faith in him, and who believe the best about us even when they see our weaknesses. Let us welcome encouragers as they seek to help us, and let us learn to be Warriors who encourage others!

The Adviser

God’s word is inspired and truthful, but we will need wise advice as we seek to practically apply it. Some of the greatest battles we will ever fight are those where we wonder how to best go about carrying out his will in specific circumstances. Let us listen to wise advisers the Father sends our way, and also learn from him how to give knowledgeable counsel to our fellow Warriors!

The Mentor

The Bible makes it clear that we can’t become the warriors God calls us to be without being trained. Training can surely be given to us in group settings, but we also need it on a personal level. When we have experienced Warriors standing beside us, observing us, walking with us, and training us how to fight the good fight of the faith, we will go forward to greater growth and victory!

The Learner

Yes, we need to teach others as well – God wants us to have Learners in our lives. As our Father helps us along the way, as we learn how to depend on him and overcome the attacks of our Enemy, let us reach out to fellow Warriors who are less experienced and share what we know. Let us come to understand their needs, strengths, weaknesses, and help them along the way!

The Soul Mate

We all need those unique, special friends in our lives – those who deeply understand us, who deeply love us, and who are profoundly close to us. May God guide them to us, and us to them! May he lead us to these special friendships that will help us, comfort us, and meet our needs in ways beyond words to describe.

Fellow Warriors, let us allow God to lead us to the people we need, and to those that need us! Even though none of us is perfect, God still wants to use us in these ways. May we learn from him how to be helped, and how to help others. Let us all become Warriors of heart for each other!

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