Wilmington Warriors

Wilmington Warriors

Here in Wilmington, NC, we have just completed an 8-week Warrior series where 25 men (20 from our own congregation and 5 from outside our congregation) read through the Warrior book and attended weekly discussions. God has used this time to ignite in these men a new hunger for spiritual growth, adventure, and brotherly partnership. However, as we concluded the series, it became evident to us all that the 8-week series was just the beginning of what God wants to do with our Warrior groups! He has given us all a wake-up call Now, we want more!

One thing that we all have come to realize is that a one-hour discussion once a week was not nearly adequate to process the profound truths about our true calling from our God, to analyze the vast battlefields of our pride, selfishness, or bitterness, or to come to a full realization of our position of victory in the Lord. So, we have decided to let Warrior shape our ongoing men’s ministry. We are going continue to have monthly Warrior nights where men from our church and around the community can come to hear inspirational stories of real-life spiritual victory. We will continue to promote Warrior adventure trips (where men can join up with a group to go on a spiritual exploit together), and to offer opportunities for men to join small Warrior groups that meet weekly to pray and encourage each other through the battles of life.

The 8-week session going through the book together has been amazing, but it is just the beginning. I will post updates about how God is continuing to use our Warrior groups here in Wilmington.

Pray for us as we “Warrior on!”

Kevin Thompson
Greater Wilmington Church
April 2016

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