Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread

Walking with God: Read The Bible Every Day

One of the greatest ways we can learn, grow, and be taught by God is to consistently spend time reading His Word. It is wise for us to read some of it every day. As we read day after day, we can come tobetter understand God’s great teaching to us!

The Bible is made up of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament has 39 books, and they tell the story of God’s people before Jesus came. The Old Testament includes laws for the nation of Israel to follow, books of history, and songs and prayers. 

The New Testament has a total of 26 books.  The first four are the gospels, Matthew Mark, Luke and John, and they each describe the life of Jesus. They also tell about the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and how God then raised Him from death in order to enable us to be saved! The book of Acts describes the amazing preaching and teaching of the faithful disciples of Jesus who saw Him after His resurrection, and how they shared the good news about Jesus with others.

After Acts, there are 21 additional books, most of which are letters with wise and helpful teachings for the churches that were formed after the resurrection of Jesus. As we read them, they help us to understand how we can be born again in Christ, and how to live faithfully as His loving and effective disciples! 

Let us read these verses over and over again in our Bible studies and take notes as we do so. It is wise for us to occasionally study a single verse over quite a few days.  After we finish deeply studying it, we can then do the same with other verses. And as we continue to study, we will learn more about the amazing love and blessings from God. Our faith will grow and we will fall more deeply in love with God and His ways.

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