Temple Warriors in South Florida

Temple Warriors in South Florida

If you were to write down the top 20 things brothers talk about among themselves, the topics of dieting or eating healthy probably wouldn’t make the list. And this was certainly true of the 20 “biggest” brothers here in the Palm Beach Church. But at beginning of 2016, a group of us decided to band together and to – gulp! – go on a six-month diet together. This was the first-ever serious diet for many of us, and, after tossing out more colorful names such as the Quarter Pounders, Slim Troopers and Fat Busters, we finally landed on the name Temple Warriors. (But we didn’t take the fun out!)

On the first Sunday of every month, before church, we gather to weigh in, and the “biggest loser” from the month (calculated as a percentage of his original body weight) wins $50. At the end of six months, the three top “losers” among us will split $700.

You might be thinking, Isn’t it enough motivation to just to do this for better health? So far, no. – not even close. But with the encouragement of the Scriptures we share with each other, the accountability we have committed to, the healthy competition to win some cash, and the happy look on our wives’ faces – we are well on our way!

We use a closed Facebook group and emails to encourage each other, and a local trainer, our brother Doug, has graciously volunteered to give us exercise and good eating tips along the way.

In the first month, the 20 of us lost a total of 110 pounds. One brother actually lost more than 30 pounds! And from the looks of it, our coming weeks and months will also be victorious. We hope our Temple Warrior effort to overcome this challenge encourages you to do the same – in case you also happen to be a “big” brother like all of us.!

With much love and encouragement to our brothers,
Kevin O’Brien and your fellow Warriors in Palm Beach, Florida

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