Welcome to Warrior For The Lord!

Welcome to Warrior For The Lord!

Welcome to Warrior for the Lord—the online hub of Warrior! We are thrilled to see brothers all over the world embracing this message. Our prayer is that the website and Facebook community will provide you with inspiration and tools for the battles you are facing.

In all likelihood you are here because you sense down in your heart and soul that you need something more in life—that there is a calling, something out there waiting for you that can fulfill you, give you a life worth living, and a joy that does not fade.

And just what might that calling be, my brother? Here it is:

Men, we are called to be warriors.

Deep in our souls, God has placed the heart of a warrior. It beats
within every man. It is the part of us that longs for battle, for struggle,
for conquest, for victory. We sense it: I have a battle to fight. A struggle to
face. A war to win. I need to rise up. I need to fight.

The men of the Bible were all engaged in battle. They fought different
battles—in different situations, times, and ways, with their own
distinct personalities—but fight they did.

And now brothers, it is our turn. Today, God is still calling every man to be his warrior in the same conflict that even now rages on around us. Just as the heroes of the faith went to war for their God, so must we. Fighting and winning the battles God has placed before you—whatever they may be—is the defining struggle of your life and your manhood.
And that is why we need to turn to our God and to his Word to find the answers to questions like these:

• How can I be a godly man? 
• How can I be confident, and yet humble?
• How can I be courageous, and also caring? 
• How can I be strong, and also sympathetic? 
• How can I be passionate, and yet poised?

Warrior (both the book and workbook) are resources to help you—along with other men who will join with you—to discover the unparalleled joy and fulfillment that comes to us as men when we rise to be the warriors our God has called us to be.

To become that man, my brothers, we need two resources.

First, we need God himself. With God in our lives, a great world of glorious masculinity awaits. Without him, we can never rise up out of our own selfishness, nor out of the misguided ideas the world around us has about what manhood is supposed to be like.

Second, we need other men – fellow warriors for God – in our lives. God did not make us to be loners! No, he made us to need our brothers to inspire us, challenge us, encourage us, teach us, accompany us, and befriend us.

On the Warrior for the Lord site we offer materials for forming your own local Warrior Squad. Within the Warrior book, workbook, website and Facebook page  you will find the teaching, tools, stories and plans to help you build a new life—a great life—as a mighty warrior for our God.

So, welcome, my brothers! Welcome to the life to which God has called you—the life you have been longing for—the life of a mighty warrior for our God!

  • June Varas
    Posted at 16:11h, 26 August Reply

    Hi Sam, What do you have for women who feel this deep need, as well?

    • David Laing
      Posted at 18:25h, 09 September Reply

      So sorry for our slowness to reply! Take a look at Geri Laing’s “A Life Worth Living” as well as Sam’s “Be Still My Soul” and “The Guilty Soul’s Guide To Grace” all available at ipibooks.net!

  • Johnc239
    Posted at 06:14h, 03 April Reply

    Thanks for sharing it aebaegbdeaaa

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